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We specialize in books depicting children changing their world. Our stories provide insight on how things came to be and how we can make them better.

How Carrots Became Orange

In the 1600s, two sisters in the Netherlands decide to enter a contest to honor William of Orange. Their big idea? To make the world’s first orange carrots.  
The sisters, Sanne and Anke, persevere to breed orange carrots out of the white, yellow, red and purple carrot plants that existed back then.  
This great story, featuring girls, is for anyone that likes food and is curious about where different foods originated.


Written by Nilmini Rubin and Renuka Rubin. Illustrated by Mateya Arkova.

Book in the Works...

We are working on a new children's book, set in South Asia, that's going to be fabulous. Should be ready for publication by the spring of 2018.

The United Shapes of America

This new coloring book is the perfect tool for kids and adults to learn about the political landscape of the United States in a fun and interactive way. Each page depicts a different state and you can color in the congressional districts. State capitals and major cities are included, as well as an extra mini map showing where each state is located.

Clear descriptions of the Constitution, Senate, House of Representatives, Electoral College, census, and gerrymandering help the young (and the no-longer young) sort out how things work in the United States.

Written by Nilmini Rubin and Araliya Rubin. Illustrated by Max Rosenbaum. Edited by Lenora Shishido.

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