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"In this engaging story, Nilmini and Renuka Rubin show the persistence of two girls who embrace scientific ingenuity to create orange carrots. Kids and parents (and grandparents!) will love the cleverness and intellectual courage of the heroines and the biological magic behind their creation."

Michele Wucker, Author of The Gray Rhino

"The intrepid girls in How Carrots Became Orange are my she-roes! What a great story of creativity and persistence. Great illustrations, fun story -and now I know that carrots were NOT always orange!"

"Nilmini and Renuka Rubin have penned a gripping, delightful tale about how two young, determined girls thought scientifically, pushed passed ignorance, and invented orange carrots. They layer their fiction with messages about the value of education, of humility amidst success, and the excitement that comes from applying one's mind. I was hooked and now want to read about brussel sprouts, asparagus and tomatoes. This is inspiring story telling."

Bhavana Rubin, at age 5

"How Carrots Became Orange is the bestest book. Read it again."

Steve Clemons, The Atlantic

Senator Richard G. Lugar, former Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee and advocate for global food security

The United Shapes of America: United States Congressional District Coloring Book is now available! This new coloring book is the perfect tool for kids and adults to learn about the political landscape of the United States in a fun and interactive way.

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